Chimney Lining Replacement and Installation in Old Town & Bangor, ME

Wood Burning Systems

Many chimneys are lined with clay tiles that will deteriorate over time if not properly maintained. A wood burning stove or furnace that creates a large amount of creosote can cause a chimney fire, which can crack the tile liner. Hearth Services can remove the damaged tile and install an insulated, stainless steel chimney liner that will be safe and meet chimney code requirements.

Oil / Gas Burning Systems

Oil / Gas Burning Systems

When venting an oil or gas fired appliance, code upgrades are required. Hearth Services uses an approved alloy compatible with the fuel used that can safely contain the by-products of combustion.

Hearth Services works with many area heating contractors, like Maher Heating ( When a new central heating system is installed, oil or gas, the chimney must be brought to code by installing a new liner, plugging unused thimbles, and/or performing repairs to the top of the chimney.

All chimney lining materials carry a lifetime warranty against corrosion